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Meet  The Founder

Dave Dee

Sales Espresso founder and author of the book Sales Stampede, Dave Dee, is one of the most respected sales and marketing advisors in the world.

For the past 25 years, Dave has helped small business owners attract more clients and sell more of their products and services without having to work harder.

Dee has taught his marketing and sales systems on stages worldwide alongside business titans and celebrities, including Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary & Barbara Corcoran, NFL Hall of Famers Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith, legendary speaker Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, and Tom Hopkins, and other dignitaries.

Dee is also the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for “Practice Profit Systems,” a specialty IMO focusing on asset-based long-term care.

Advisors Speak

Natalie Schmook Dunwood, GA

I went from an email list of 0 to 350 in just three days, and 28 scheduled follow-up appointments after following your advice.

Don Quante MDRT Top Of The Table Producer, MO

Your marketing systems are so powerful and effective that they are revolutionizing the industry.

Barbara Swiatek Colorado Springs, CO

It’s six months into the year and I’ve already equaled in sales what I did all last year by following your systems.

Joe Roseman NC

Your stuff flat out works.I’m on track to double my business this year.

Mike Slaughter NC

Dave Dee is an artist when it comes to developing webinar strategies and ideas that can take a presentation from average to exceptional.

James Lange PA

I followed your advice about changing my presentation and went from 7 appointments before to 28. Since the lifetime value of my clients is $25,000 or more, I would have to say we had a $100,000 plus day

Learn Secrets Most Financial Advisors Will Never Know About Getting More Clients

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