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Dave Dee and his wife and business partner, Kalia, started Sales Espresso to help financial advisors attract more clients and make more money without working harder.

In addition to being an author and respected sales and marketing consultant, Dave is also the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of “Practice Profit Systems,” a specialty IMO focusing on asset-based long-term care.

On top of the Sales Espresso flagship daily email tips, Dave has a YouTube channel where he delivers easy-to-consume videos to help you attract more clients.

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It's Dave Dee's premium membership that includes the monthly print newsletter "Sales Arcana," monthly Q&A sessions, and a member-only online community.

The investment is $97.00 per month, and you can download a free issue of the newsletter to see whether or not it's for you. The free trial issue comes as a PDF, but paid subscription issues are mailed to you in print.

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