Do you perform these unnatural acts?

During a group coaching call I conducted yesterday, one of the members commented that he started using my “Consultations That Close” structure. He said that asking deep, probing questions to discover what the prospect’s emotional reasons to buy were seemed awkward and “unnatural.”

The fact is anytime you try something new, it will feel unnatural.

Think about tying your shoes for the first time or learning to drive with a stick shift. It wasn’t until you do those things over and over again that you didn’t need to think about it consciously.

The other thing is you won’t get comfortable with a new technique until you use it repeatedly in the real world. So, for example, when I was learning a new piece of magic, I could practice until the cows came home, but it wasn’t until I started performing it in front of audiences I could do it confidently.

Remember, repetition is the mother of skill. And the beauty is the more you use the strategies I teach, the more sales you close.

By the way, my coaching member “unnaturally” closed the sale.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Natural” Dee

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