Welcome to the jungle

Tomorrow at 6:00 AM, I’m bringing Karen to the airport to go on a yoga retreat in Guatemala.

For the record, although I’ve been a yoga practitioner for years and even taught classes for a brief stint, I won’t be going on this excursion first because it’s for women only. Second, third, fourth, and fifth because there are communal showers that may or may not have hot water, your “bathroom” is a primitive outhouse, you only get two vegetarian meals a day…I think you get my point.

I’ve done a lot of weird stuff in my life, including going to “Burning Man,” which was one of the worst weekends of my life, so I am bowing out on yoga retreats unless they’re at luxurious resorts.

But you know what? The retreat sold out. Many people, mi esposa included, want that type of experience.

This brings me to my first point; It doesn’t matter what you like or think is important; all that matters is what your prospects like and feel is important. So, for example, one of the biggest reasons prospects don’t attend webinars or read emails is because they aren’t interested in what the marketer is talking about. Or, the marketer doesn’t frame what they’re talking about, so the prospect cares.

For example, a financial advisor writes a dry, boring email about a new tax law without creating a visceral emotion in the prospect by talking about how it directly affects them.

My second point is, you want to send your prospects “infotaining” emails. Information + Entertainment = More engagement=more appointments.

Notice how I started this DEEmail with an entertaining story and then tied it to valuable content. Next, people ask me what my process is for doing it and how long it takes.

The answers are yes, there is a process, and this email took me less than twelve minutes to write because I followed the process.

If you want to discover my process and how to quickly write emails that get open, read, and convert prospects into appointments, then check out my “DEEmail Marketing System & Toolkit.”


Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Welcome To The Jungle” Dee

P.S. Did you notice all the musical references in my “middle name” this week? What’s up with that? Find out why I do it in the DEEmail Marketing System & Toolkit.

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