You’re outta here!

“The customer is always right.”

What a crock.

No, sometimes the customer takes up too much of your time, is a jackass, and needs to be fired.

I’m not talking about someone who has a legitimate gripe. If we screw up, we admit it and do our best to fix the problem. But, if someone is rude to a member of my team or is a big complainer, we send them packing. We ban them from our list. We don’t want negative, needy folks darkening our door.

There is an overriding, more significant issue I’m talking about.

It’s being “needy.”

Nothing kills sales faster than when a prospect smells desperation from the service provider. Neediness makes prospects run for the hills.

Ask any woman if she is attracted to a needy guy. The same thing goes for your prospective clients.

There’s a difference between not being needy during a sales presentation and being indifferent. Yes, you should use all of the Psychic Sales techniques and strategies I teach you to close the sale. However, you should be indifferent to the outcome. Don’t be emotionally attached to whether you make the sale or not.

I can read some folk’s minds, “But, Dave. What if I really need the sale.”

That’s a more significant issue that we’ll talk about tomorrow.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Fire The Bad Ones” Dee

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